Jose Cintron, MBA

Jose Cintron,MBA is a business consultant, coach, social media specialist, business and accounting professor  and speaker.  Jose Cintron is very passionate and able to help businesses, business owners, entrepreneurs and independent business professionals. We increase business leads and revenues by training and relationship based sales, Social media, Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization in  Miami and South Florida.  Jose Cintron helps entrepreneurs to operate, manage and make profit on their business through coaching, business consulting, Start ups, , business plans and development.  Jose Cintron can help you introduce your enterprise to social media marketing, online marketing and Search Engine Marketing.  Se Habla Español.

Jose Cintron

Jose Cintron

CEO for Advance Business Consulting – Business and accounting Professor. Former Director of Casino Operation, Business Owner, Certified Business Coach, Business Consultant MBA, CPA candidate and Bilingual. Jose is a certified social media professional. He is an expert in Internet marketing, SEM, business development, Start-ups, business plans, income taxes and LinkedIn. Jose Cintron is the author of “Small Business, Entrepreneur and Multi-Level”. Certified social media professional.

Contact me if you are a business owner or service professional who needs assistance in any of following: social Media, Internet marketing, SEM, coaching and Consulting. He definitely can help with your business plan, business development, business model, LinkedIn optimization, branding and reputation management.   I will lower your cost while increasing your ROI. As a former director in the hospitality industry, I am able to develop flawless customer Service. Call 305-970-2112 or email or

Jose Cintron, MBA was interviewed on Fernando Hidalgo’s show (Univision), Cristina Radio and National Latino Broadcasting in 2011. He was interviewed for his social media, Internet marketing and Search Engine Marketing expert. Nominated by the “Spotlight Success Award by The Voice Daily News” in October,2012. LinkedIn director for Puerto Rican Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Broward County, FL.

Specialties: Jose Cintron is a business consultant, coach, business professor, author and speaker. Jose can prepare a business plan, marketing plan and business model for your enterprise. He is an expert in Taxation, online marketing, social media, email marketing and SEM. He has more than 20 years in business operations,  analysis and business strategies. Jose really enjoys being a LinkedIn coach and trainer. He can optimize your LinkedIn profile for maximum exposure, branding and results. Jose is a certified social media specialist and certified professional coach. Jose Cintron has a high level of honesty, integrity and trust.